Garage Games

I just wanted to take a moment and say how proud I am of everyone this weekend! Debbie, Ashley, Becky, Russell, Randal, Shawn, Roger, Tony, Kenny, Richard, Gene and Pat you guys gave it your all and represented Elect better than I could of imagined! Thank you so much for choosing to be apart of Elect! The heart that each of you bring, is what makes the heart of Elect beat each and everyday.

To Big D or D Money, as I like to call him (Dustin) your lifts were awesome today! It’s always great watching someone do something they love so much! Favorite quote of the weekend was from the announcer (talking about D) “he’s like a human energy drink!”

To all the spectators… I mean, what can we say, we travel large! Thank you to everyone that came yesterday and/or today! You don’t realize how much your support means to someone that is “going to the bad place”!

To all our podium finishers…. In the words of Justin “heck yeah!” (Tosses hat)

Love Dani

*pictures to come soon!


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