WOD – 5/26/16

Hey guys don’t take it out on Pat tomorrow, he gave me the honor of programming the work for this week’s “Cardio Thursday”! There will be 3 workouts to be completed, the first will be individual and the other two are to be done in partners. As always there will be scaling options. I will also write a completely seperate wod for those of you who are just in need of a good actvie recovery session.

Warm up: 10 minutes of coaches choice.

#1: Regionals Event 3: 104 wall balls and 52 pull ups. (We will extend this to a 10 minute cap)Score is time to complete or the reps you have completed if you don’t finish in 10 minutes.
Rest 5 minutes

#2 Two person teams- 10 min amrap of 20 cal AD and 15 ring dips. If subbing ring dips do deficit strict push ups on a 45/25. Split work as needed.
Rest 5 mintues

#3 Same 2 person teams- 10 min sled relay amrap
Partner A- Sled push 60m with a 25 for males and empty sled for females.
Partner B- Sled push 60m back to starting point.
Partner A- Reverse sled drag 60m 45/25
Partner B- Reverse sled drag back to starting point.
(push,push,pull,pull is considered 1 complete round)
Depending on class sizes this is the recommended order if doing the all the work Rx. If scaling the sled relay can be done second and then the AD and ring dips.

If coming in just for active recovery feel free to complete 10 minutes of “Cindy” and row 2,000m.

Kill it tomorrow- Justin