Patrick Qualls (Co-Owner, Head Coach)
Patrick’s love for all things competitive started in high school, where he was a part of the Jonesboro High School baseball team, wrestling team (where he placed 3rd county) and the swim team. After high school Patrick started working out at Gold’s Gym, it was at this point that he realized that he wanted to be a personal trainer. In 2008, Patrick graduated from the National Personal Training Institute; it was also around this time that he was introduced to CrossFit. Patrick had always had a good build and considered himself to be in great shape, but his first few CrossFit workouts showed him he was wrong. He was addicted to CrossFit from that day forward. He was even able to be a behind the scenes trainer for the first season of Extreme Home makeover: weight loss edition, where he was able to work with Chris Powell and work CrossFit in with the extremely obese. This is where Patrick realized that CrossFit is for anyone, anyone who has a desire to want to better themselves, anyone that wants to push themselves, it’s for the young, the old. It doesn’t matter your shape or your size. All that matters is that you have the heart to be better than you were when you walked in the door.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, Iron Sharpens Iron Camp, Olympic Lifting Training with Caleb Williams and Spenser Arnold, and Boot Camp Certification. Patrick will also be apart of the Strength and Conditioning Program for Baseball and Basketball at Strong Rock for the 2014-2015 School Year.

Dani Qualls (Co-Owner, Coach, and Manager)
Dani spent most of her life as a ballet dancer. She spent 7 years as a professional with Atlanta Festival Ballet Company. Dani was introduced to CrossFit after she and Patrick married in 2011. It wasn’t “love at first sight.” It took Dani a while to realize that CrossFit is about being better than you and not better than everyone else. Once she was able to come to this realization; she was in love. In January of 2014, she received her Level 1. She has since been shadowing Justin and Patrick. Her passion lies with kids, so she is hoping to get her CrossFit Kids certification in the near future and help build a program that will be fun, and exciting but also motivating; a program that will teach kids how to build each other up and not tear each other down.

Justin Ganes (Co-Owner, Head Coach, Competition Club)
Justin is married to Erica Ganes and together they have 2 children.  He started working in the fitness  industry in 2005 and became a firefighter/EMT in 2007.  Justin has been a student of a healthy lifestyle for quite some time.  At the age of 13 he weighed two hundred and twelve pounds and had a size 40 waist.  He lost 85 lbs over the course of 8 months and went down to a size 30 waist.   It has been since this time that health and fitness has been a huge part of his life.  Justin eventually went on to graduate from the National Personal Training Institute, and started his career in training.  He considered himself to be a very fit individual and believed in the exercise routines he programmed.  It was in 2007 that he found CrossFit and he described the program so mind-blowing that it made him rethink his definition of fitness and training in general.  He soon completed his CrossFit Level  1 course and has since gone to CrossFit Competitor’s Course, Iron Sharpens Iron Camp, CrossFit Mobility and CrossFit Level 1 a second time.  Justin has also received Olympic lifting training with Caleb Williams and Spencer Arnold.  He has a passion to be the best athlete and coach possible while constantly learning more and bettering himself.  Helping others become healthier and fit individuals is what he looks forward to.

Ricky Mitchell (Coach)
I’ve been involved in the fitness business either in gym management or in training/coaching for the last 13 years. Although active throughout my youth ( martial arts, football, soccer, wrestling ) most of my young adult life was spent inactive & eating poorly. I decided to make a change at the age of 30 recommit to a healthier lifestyle. That journey started 15 years ago with getting a gym membership & implementing a bodybuilding philosophy to achieve my goals, I haven’t stopped training in some form or fashion (bodybuilding, cycling, running, obstacle racing, etc. ) My good friend Justin Ganes introduced me to CrossFit about 3 yrs ago & I haven’t looked back from there since. I even introduced my wife soon after I started & she was hooked from day one as well & it’s now part of our lives together, training, competing & so on. We’re both happy & proud to be part of the Elect family!

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, ISSA, NFPT, AED, CPR

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